We’ve Got You Covered! (and What Goes Inside Too)

Yeah, we got your covers right here. And we got your interiors too! (imagine that being said with a Brooklyn accent…)

Covers and interiors of WHAT, you ask?  Well, if you don’t already know, and have to ask, there’s a good chance you won’t be interested in the answer, but it’s — BOOKS. That’s right, RandoMatriX (a.k.a. “RMX” or “rmx|creative) does book covers and interiors, and we do them VERY, VERY WELL!

Our team is a well-seasoned bunch of designers and book-lovers, with broad, deep, varied experience, and a team design resume that’s pretty much second-to-none. That may be bragging a little, but we are certainly way up there among the few, the proud, and those still designing books–in volume–today and for the foreseeable future. Our designers are intuitive, and efficient, leveraging their years of experience and great skills, to deliver fresh, modern and classic designs for our publishing clients.

Of course, books are not just “books” any more. Once you get past the basics — hard or soft-cover, dimensions, page count, spine size, etc. — there are e-books, CD’s/DVD’s, special packaging, and even flashcards, boxes and more. It’s not really just designing books any more, it’s really books — product — packaging design, and yes, rmx|creative does it all.

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So, if you are a publisher, ask the rmx|creative team to review your needs, and propose short-term or ongoing services!

Check out the rmx|creative website, email info@rmxcreative.com or use the form below to request more information about our design services.

Links to selected rmx|creative work samples:


Request more work samples or case studies:


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